I Need a Minute – Tribal Moods (Reference Tracks)


In this week’s #INM podcast Kari & Andrew talk Tribalism and how it affects, #race, politics, gender dynamics, hip-hop and the Avengers.

After we defined tribalism our immediate thoughts (at least in the pre-show) were what are our markers for tribalism.. area codes #242, emojis, gangs, political parties, friends, whatsapp groups, conspicuous consumption and what happens when it goes to far?

What is Tribalism?

One of the points we tried to get across was that you cannot underestimate the power of tribes and their influence and the first step in recognizing that is acknowledging and and accepting your own tribalism.

Amy be knowing…

Any encroachment on tribalism means that a tribe is in danger of losing status, power, respect, self-esteem, so facts gets pushed to the side in place of loyalty. YUP 2018

When you stick with your team despite facts  you’re not rational but loyal. This is fine and works for sports and interpersonal relationships, but for politics ummm…

No doubt we’ll be referencing this again on our SJW podcast

Progressives don’t realize how judgmental they are and that they have cultural
dominance. Except on the Rosanne show. They’ve lost that fight.

One of the most important parts about this Gumballs clip is  the use of SJW vocabulary and how pervasive it is

Everyone is a unique individual snowflake…that has to belong to a like minded group

What Happens When Tribalism grows roots and polarization becomes entrenched

Hahahaha no this is’t real this is from The Onion or John Oliver or something…

Shit this is real.

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