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By 8YJ

*Trigger Warning* We talk about issues of consent, sexual abuse, and rape on this podcast. Or at least we try to.

What is the worst analogy you’ve ever heard in your life? Know what we don’t care, we’re gonna top it with the clunkiest analogy of all time. It involves sex and pizza, so at least there’s that.

We’re joined in the studio by special guest Raye and Big Meech Manda both members of The Solid to discuss the topic and set us straight when we stray. The first thing we tried to determine was what exactly constituted consent, and how clear would you have to be to ensure that you communicated your intentions to the other party.

Look at these parents who have obviously led full lives and HAD CHILDREN. Struggle to describe what consent in a way that seemed realistic, but, also make sure their kid didn’t turn out to be a piece of shit.

So we had parents teaching consent to their kids, but what happens when those kids grow up to be young adults? Well according to Buzzfeed they forget all that shit and drop gems like, “We’re not kids anymore we know what it’s gonna lead to when you go home with someone…sex.”

So as we’re having this discussion, Raye reveals and describes her experience of being drugged and raped in Grand Bahama. The room fell silent as she told her story, and you can read all about it on her blog right here.

The internet has everything. How is consent like tea you may ask? Well have you ever tried to make a passed out person drink tea?

Lastly, Emily Yoffe wrote about the Uncomfortable Truths about campus rape policies  she begins her story discussing the case of Kwadwo “Kojo” Bonsu, if you’ve never heard this story I encourage you to give it a read or listen to the podcast at the top of the article.

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