Local Players Coming together for youth baseball and cancer research

In an effort to further the development of both youth baseball and cancer research in The Bahamas, Don’t Blink 242 founder Todd Isaacs Jr., along with Rev TV, Bahamas First Insurance and several other Bahamian professional baseball players will put on the first Don’t Blink 242 Home Run Derby next year.

Rev TV will serve as the title sponsor of the event, which is set for January 6, 2018, at the Montagu Foreshore. The home run derby will be broadcasted live on Our TV and will also be streamed live on Rev TV’s social media platforms.

“There will be about 16 to 18 of our homegrown players competing, and we ask that everyone come out, and come out early so they can get a chance to meet some of the guys,” said Rev TV’s Marketing Manager Melissa Colebrook. “If you can’t make it out, there’s no need to worry, because we will be broadcasting it live and streaming it as well on our website and Facebook page. This event will be one of many, and we are just so excited to partner with Todd on this venture.” Bahamas First Group Marketing and Communications Manager Leah Davis said that like Rev TV, Bahamas First Insurance is proud to work side-by-side with Isaacs and the other players in this initiative.

“We are pleased to announce our sponsorship of this event,” she said. “I was surprised to find out that so many young Bahamians played professional baseball, and I am proud of you all. These players are role models amongst the country’s youth, and to that end, we are pleased to partner with such a unique event. “Bahamas First is committed to giving back to the Bahamian community, making it our priority to support young Bahamians who are doing something positive and going after their dreams. It is also committed to the fight against cancer in The Bahamas, and so we applaud that as well.”

Isaacs said that he and Tampa Bay Rays’ prospect Lucius Fox came up with idea to host the Don’t Blink 242 Home Run Derby as a way to not only inspire the youth, but also to donate to two good causes. Isaacs said that his love for the sport of baseball and his personal experiences with the deadly disease of cancer inspired him to dedicate the event to those two causes.

“We are proud to announce the first home run derby in paradise,” said Isaacs. “This idea was conceived earlier this year. Since I signed as a professional player, I always pondered on what I could do to give back to the Bahamian people. After brainstorming, Lucius and I decided to tie everything together. People think of The Bahamas and think of beaches and sun, and when you think baseball, everyone thinks home runs, so we put it all together.

“There will be 16 to 18 local Bahamian professional baseball players competing, along with three American players, in front of the Bahamian public. A lot of people ask how are we going to have a home run derby on the beach, but we plan to have some barriers in place to mark what is considered a home run.

“Also, although this event will be put on to develop local baseball. I also lost a lot of family members to cancer, and cancer is something that is raging through The Bahamas, so we’re donating to cancer research with the hope that one day we’ll find a cure.”

Along with the action on the field, Isaacs said that there will be autograph signings and other entertainment for people in attendance. Those seeking more information on the event are asked to contact Isaacs at www.dontblinkapparel.com, or on all social media platforms at dontblink242. Don’t Blink 242 is an apparel company that was started by Isaacs and Fox last year.