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In the latest 8YJ Podcast, Shonny, Kari and Nal continue the discussion surrounding the cultural sea change on sexual harassment after the Harvey Weinstein allegations. In this episode we get into how this affects other avenues of entertainment i.e hip-hop, reggae, Caribbean culture, how behavioural patterns can change over time, and where is the line between harassment and shooting your shot.

In case anyone has been living under a rock, or celebrating their Birthday for 364 consecutive days *cough Shonny *cough, here’s a sampling of Harvey Weinstein in action.

Aight, that was objectively creepy, but what about the subjective nature of encounters, both sexual and non-sexual between the genders. How do those encounters play out when those lines are blurred?

Jamie Kilstein was a self-described “male-feminist”, and I always viewed that moniker as someone who tried to remove themselves from an uncomfortable conversation along the lines of gender. He built a career off of reactionary responses until the very spotlight he once directed at others refocused on him.

So after losing his job how did he respond?

Trust me, if anyone knows the perils of the podcast and having your instant thoughts recorded without filter it’s us, so we understand how things can be taken out of context. This conversation seemed like an important one where he seemed free from saying things he thought other people wanted to hear just to make them nod. It’s vital to this conversation because a large part of the problem lies in men positioning themselves as allies to a movement they frame as progressive while excluding themselves from all other men. The “Well I’m not like that” mindset.

Basically that.

To wrap up the podcast Kari uses the election of Barack Obama, the resentment that resulted from it and ultimately the election of Donald Trump as an analogy for the current conversation surrounding sexual harassment. Is this truly a moment of change or are we headed to a Handmaids Tale like dystopian future? (That was only like 10% hyperbole).

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