TLC Live Retro Diary

TLC took place last night in Minnesota.  As such we found it necessary to run back the live retro diary of the event.  “Lil thing” was down for the count before this started so there will be little if any commentary from her unfortunately.

A couple quick notes on last night’s show:

  • Roman Reigns was ruled out for TLC due to illness and was replaced by Kurt Angle
  • Bray Wyatt was also ruled out for TLC due to illness and was replaced by AJ Styles
  • Dean Ambrose can still be somewhat entertaining as the Lunatic Fringe, but it has mostly damaged his overall reputation

8:05pm – Smart move by WWE to lead with Asuka vs Emma as the first match tonight.

8:07pm – Crowd is really hot for Asuka’s debut.

8:10pm – WWE going the extra mile to make Emma look like a real competitive threat to Asuka.

8:13pm – Commentary also working hard to sell the idea that the call-up to the main roster might mean that Asuka won’t continue her run of dominance… sure WWE, sure!

8:16pm – Asuka is clearly just a different animal.  Crowd strangely dead at this point in the match.

8:17pm – The ten chant is stupid.

8:18pm – And your winner is… Asuka, with the Asuka lock.

8:21pm – Miz and crew promo. Cesaro’s lisp thing is funny.  Miz doing his best to make Kurt’s inclusion make sense. Braun, being Braun.  Kane being irrelevant. This also serves to lay the groundwork for tension among the team with the numbers advantage.

8:25pm – I am so over the Elias gimmick. Fast forward.

8:29pm – Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick vs Rich Swan and Cedric Alexander.  They show what is supposed to be the explanation for this matchup – it still doesn’t really matter.

8:34pm – It’s so sad that in many ways the Cruiserweight division is much like the women’s division was four years ago – uninteresting and incapable of telling stories outside of its title feud.

8:35pm – This match is just flippy stuff.

8:40pm – Rich and Cedric win.  Gallagher has an issue with reacting prematurely to moves. In two instances in this match he reacted ahead of time and distracted away from the flow of the match.

8:43pm – It makes sense that Jason Jordan is going to get involved in the main event, right?

8:44pm – Raw Women’s championship match up next.

8:50pm – I know that Mickie has wrestled for quite some time, but she doesn’t look old at all.  As much as I get that this narrative approach makes sense, my eyes tell me it doesn’t.

8:51pm – Alexa Bliss has availed herself very well since her main roster call up.  She has held both women’s title twice already.

8:52pm – Mickie slapped Alexa on the derrier.  I’m here for that. Other than that, crowd is also dead so far for this match.

8:56pm – Alexa’s aggression and tenacity is a welcome addition to this match.

8:58pm – Crowd finally getting into the match.

9:00pm – Beautiful sunset flip power bomb by Alexa. Also, good in-ring storytelling and psychology in this match.

9:02pm – Alexa Bliss retains.  She plays very well as the crafty champion – especially because she isn’t physically imposing.

9:06pm – Shield + Kurt Angle promo. Solid move giving Kurt the flak jacket.

9:08pm – Seriously?  Elias, again? I’m ok with the crowd interrupting this.

9:11pm – Why is Michael Cole in support of Elias?

9:12pm – Kalisto vs Enzo next.

9:15pm – Truth time – I’m not the biggest Enzo fan.  However, I have been entertained by the recent 205 run. I’m going to assume Enzo retains.

9:20pm – The size difference between Enzo and Kalisto is comical considering how small Enzo looks in comparison to most wrestlers.

9:30pm – Unlike the earlier cruiserweight match, this match is slow and sloppy.  This is not typical off a Kalisto match.

9:35pm – Like I said, it only makes sense for Enzo to win this match.  As long as he creates interest in 205 Live, he deserves to be its champion.

9:38pm – AJ vs Finn next.

9:40pm – To me, Finn winning this match makes the most sense.  It’s a Raw ppv, but we shall see.

9:41pm – The crowd chanting “this is awesome” before the match even begins.

9:43pm – This match, while good so far, is also really sloppy.  You can tell these guys are underprepared as they wrestle on opposite brands.

9:49pm – Match is starting to pick up.  A couple of really smooth sequences back to back. These guys are professionals.

9:50pm – I know it’s supposed to be the “aggressiveness” of The Demon, but Finn sure seems to be wrestling heel right now.

9:51pm –  Add this match to the list of premier matches given away on “B” level ppvs in the last few months. Maybe they use this to setup a rematch at Survivor Series?

9:54pm – Feels like we are building to the finish now.  This match has certainly picked up steam and should bode well as a preview to what is hopefully a top title level feud down the line.

9:57pm – AJ Styles is the best wrestler in WWE right now, period.

9:58pm – Finn Balor wins in what was indeed an awesome (if pointless) match.

10:01pm – Finn and AJ share a ‘two sweet’ on the way out.

10:05pm – Naturally we get the Jason Jordan vs Elias as the cool-down before the main event.

10:07pm – Elias is cut. However, his movements and moves just seem wooden.  He’s not as fun to watch wrestle as he should be.

10:13pm – Jordan wins in a meaningless match.

10:14pm – Dean, Seth and Kurt vs Miz, Cesaro, Sheamus, Kane and Braun next

10:17pm – It feels like the Kurt Angle video package was created a long time ago and was just waiting to get busted out.

10:23pm – This match didn’t make sense when it was The Shield, it makes less sense now.

10:24pm – Kurt Angle in the all black is actually kinda cool.

10:27pm – Shield beatdown with the chairs.

10:30pm – Somehow the team with three guys – one off whom who hasn’t wrestled in WWE in 11 years – is in control.

10:33pm – Really hoping that Seth is just selling well.

10:35pm – Now Kurt is all alone in a three on one against Miz and The Bar.

10:36pm – Kurt knows the way to Suplex City.

10:37pm – Stretcher job for Kurt Angle.

10:41pm – Strong commentary angle by Booker T right now. Crowd is dead though.

10:43pm – Saw that coming from last Monday.  Kane hit Strowman with a chair by accident.

10:46pm – Out backs an actual garbage truck.

10:48pm – “I wonder if The Miz’s beatdown comes in pumpkin spice.” Never change Corey Graves.

10:49pm – So Kane chokeslams Strowman through the stage.

10:52pm – Poor Dean Ambrose can’t take a proper table bump tonight.

10:53pm – Braun Strowman can’t die.

10:54pm – This match is dumb, this whole ppv was dumb.

10:56pm – “I can’t believe this fight is still going guys.”

10:57pm – We had to get Kurt’s music.

10:59pm – Ambrose and Rollins spear Kane through the barricade. Miz tries to sneak Kurt with the Skull Crushing Finale.  Kurt kicks out.  Miz goes again.  Kurt reverses into the Ankle Lock.  Miz reverses Angle out of the ring. Seth with the knee, Dean with Dirty Deeds, Angle with the Angle slam. Shield triple powerbomb for the win.

This was a dumb ppv, with a dumb main event and an even dumber ending.