OKC Fans, our time is now

As a long-time OKC fan (9 years now), the joy I feel writing this article is undefinable, honestly. After a long year of enduring mockery, snide remarks, and watching someone whose name I will not mention win a title, this has been a long time coming.

OKC has a big three once again!!!

Don’t try to discount it, don’t over analyze it and don’t try to compare it to any team we’ve had in the past. A perfect way to summarize this trade: You had an ex-girlfriend that left you for a rich guy and you wind up winning the Powerball a year later. While she may still be happy in her new situation, you don’t really care anymore because now you’re rich too. Life’s good.

I know the first question that comes to everyone’s mind is, how will it work?

I myself thought of this for a short time and came to a simple conclusion, their pros. People always criticize Westbrook for being a ball hog, but when Victor Oladipo, Anthony Morrow and Andre Roberson are your only options on the wing, what else are you going to do? Yes we had the 6’10” wing guy for years, but we never had a scoring threat like Melo as a third option. When we had James Harden, he wasn’t a fraction of the player that he is today, and when we went to the finals, we were an inexperienced group.

Both PG and Melo were also in similar positions on their former teams and that’s the reason why this will work. Three people with a lot to prove and a short window of time to do it. They all feel like they have been undervalued and they all will be signing new contracts next year. If you’re a real basketball fan, you know what real ones do in contract years.

We may struggle a bit with spacing early on, but I think they’ll quickly work past it. PG, Westbrook and Melo came together with the hopes of proving doubters wrong, so now is definitely not the time to let pride get in the way of what can end up being something truly special. The move I feel puts us at No. 2 in the west, and with Trey Burke, Patrick Patterson and a few others coming off the bench, I think we all should start bracing for another western conference final showdown that will make the actual finals seem like a snooze-fest.

P.S. We don’t need anyone that pulled for New York last season on our bandwagon. We don’t need that bad energy fam. Thanks in advance.