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Kari, Andrew , and Nal discuss, the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, the release of the iPhoneX, AI, the #Jemele Hill/ Donald Trump controversy, and PC Culture in The Bahamas

Mans Not Hot

First off the intro music for this podcast has transformed the lives of not only everyone in 10YS but also anyone who have heard the bars from MC Quake. As an aside we consider this his SECOND Best song.

I know, I know…We just changed your lives. You’re Welcome.

Hurricane Irma

Nassau was spared but much of the southern islands of the Bahamas felt Irma’s 185 mph winds. A hero was even born in that storm – Edward Lockhart StormBorn, first of his name. As great as his tale was, there was another major topic of conversation for much of the Bahamas… The Johnsons.

These niggas are amazing and if they pulled this off would’ve been the finesse champions of 2017. To convince a man to fly you to Canada, start a gofundme, and have the balls to think that Canadian immigration is going to let you in as a Climate Refugee is just outstanding. The Johnsons are clearly already in 2037.


No take on the iPhone or Apple is original at this point. Beinganti-Apple or iPhone also is not original. You’re not Neil deGrasse Tyson because you have a Note 8 (which by the way, also cost a lot of money).

No, Apple announcing a new iPhone is just peak consumerism. It’s a reflection of where we are as a culture, with a release right in time for Christmas of course.

Some of the new features they added were impressive or as friend of the podcast J-Bastian loves to scream “Android already gat dat!.”  Others were well, just kinda creepy honestly.

Also this is the start of Skynet and the human race is on a ticking clock. We’ve sided with the machines at 10YS. Choose a side people.

Choose a side people.

Jemle Hill/ESPN/Trump

Donald Trump is pop-culture. There is no escaping this. We’re at the point where he will get mentioned on every podcast, because even the take on Trump by a sports reporter, on her own personal social media account will draw headlines and spark controversy.

And all of this sparked by what seems to be a disagreement that has been raging in America since time immemorial. What constitutes White Supremacy? Well Ta- Nehisi Coates has some thoughts.

Rick & Morty/BlackFace/PC

You have to listen to the podcast for takes on these, but this was an excuse for us to post this Rick and Morty video again because its so great.

We had a discussion on which show is the show where if someone is already obsessed with you may need to consider a future with them. Game of Thrones had that before it became the HypeBeast show it is now. Even Rick and Morty held that crown for its first season. Which show has it now? WestWorld. It’s the only answer. If you meet someone who’s already all in on Westworld you have to take them seriously.

As always thanks for listening. Full podcast available below. Yah dun know Fam.


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