The Top 10 Rappers Dead/Alive (A Bahamian Study)

By Drew

They say one should never discuss politics or religion in public or even amongst friends. In this day and age people are sensitive about everything and anything. You can have an opinion about  pretty much anything on this island and trust me there will be a group, organization or fake woke person that will be angry in the comment section. I’ll be honest: there are times I wanna cuss some of you out because of your comments but then every time I want to go there Dakarai is like…

…too soon? #KeepPayinYourTithesTho

Typically we try and use our platform for sports, podcasts and just trying to be a beacon of light for our small island as Jesus would want us to.

LOL…J/k. Mostly we do it for the lol’s and gals.

Mostly the lols because my DM’s are drier than Darryl Millers elbow meat


But today I want to use this opportunity to list who I think are the top 10 rappers dead/alive and hopefully hear from you guys. Once we do we’ll compare notes and have a fully cemented list of who Bahamians feel are the 10 best to ever do it.

Disclaimer: Understand people that this is MY list of who I think are the best. Your list will be different. That’s ok…..stop freaking out just because my number 10 of all time is…


10. Rick Ross

Let me start off by saying if you’re not a man over 250lbs then you will never understand his legendary grunt. I make that sounds at least 3-4 times a day. I’m pretty sure he was tired from doing something like…I don’t know….getting up and it just so happened a microphone was near him and boom….it became a thing. Morbid obesity and inevitable diabetes aside, Rick Ross is the Teddy Pendergrass of rap. He calms down every track he’s on. I listened to this man make a Just Blaze track smoother than silk.

Listen to this near water as to avoid burning your home/work place down due to the flames coming from your speaker

Also may I mention that for some reason him and Drake seem to make the best music whenever they collab? It doesn’t even make sense that a hard bodied Miami nigga and a Canada dry light skin nigga make that much sense on a track but they just do. Lyrically he may not be an Eminem but I’ll take him talking about diced pineapples all day before I hear Eminem make yet another album about how he’s changing.

Behold the Beyonce of rap: He made the same album 5 times and no one cares because niggas

Rick Ross may not be a poet savant but he is a necessary component to rap in my mind and that can’t be ignored.






9. Phonte

If you read that name and know who this man is please tell your girlfriend/boyfriend to give you mouth pleasures this evening!

Brad….I have something I need you to read. Bring some whip cream the same time, beloved!”

For the uninformed: Phonte is a rapper from North Carolina, formerly a member of the rap duo “Little Brother”. Like most duos he out shined his partner much like Andre 3000 does Big Boi.

(Don’t argue with me about this. I’m looking at you, Kenny)

He’s still pretty underground but he’s hands down one of the most lyrically gifted rappers on this planet. His timing and word play are miles above most people in the game right now, he’s influenced the likes of Drake, Joe Budden, etc.  And when he goes off…..well, lets go straight to the receipts shall we?





8. Jay Electronica

This man has 0 albums, 30 mixtapes and got Erykah Badu pregnant. In other words this dude is winning at life because Erykah badu’s vagina has changed more niggas than Jesus. Imagine if Jesus had sex with Erykah Badu…

The Jesus we need but not the one we deserve

Some will argue that because he literally has 0 catalog to his name that he can’t be in the top 10 but people…have you heard ANY of his work? If we can give Biggie Smalls a bly with his limited catalog but insane potential then I think we can excuse Jay for not bringing out an album yet.

Also, lets be honest, he kinda ate Kendrick on that control verse despite popular opinion. But lets go to the receipts shall we…





7. Joe Budden

Let me state for the record that I am a huge fan of Joe Budden. He was the artist that I listened to in that weird time in my life when I was transitioning from being a boy to a man(child).

Shorts, tshirt, shoeless and a drink in my hand…..on a weekday….on the beach. #Adulting

I tend to look for the artist thats doing something different and this guy in my mind was the only artist at the time….well…being real.

He speaks candidly about his life, personal and mental issues, depression, suicide and, what really grabbed me….was how he would speak on his issues with dating women. I related to that shit REAL quick seeing as I’m a relationship ass nigga. I’ll stay in a shitty relationship just out of laziness if I’m being honest.

“Ok I could date and spend money OR…..I could just be miserable with this gal one time and order in….Happiness is overrated anyway!”

That said, you don’t want to rap with this nigga. He has bars….like….for real. But, lets check the receipts if you’re not a fan.





6. Black Thought


Do me a favor: Name one bad Black Thought verse.

I’ll wait.

This man is the epitome of what hip hop is all about. Bars, word play, cadence, delivery. Its almost boring to hear him rap because its just that fucking good. I honestly don’t have a lot to say about this nigga. I can’t describe what he does. Just go to the receipts, beloved.





5. Jadakiss

Jadakiss is the rapper rappers go to for street cred because for some reason, despite owning several juice bars and being relatively rich this nigga refuses to stop spitting that street shit.  It could be a song about rainbows and unicorns and he’s spitting murder rhymes.

“Tell me how to get to Sesame, 20 bullets in Oscar cause he stole 11 keys from me, and run up on Big bird for nothing, 0, nigga didn’t do diddiliy”- Jadakiss

Jadakiss makes these new school rappers look like powerpuff girls when he rhymes. Its just that vicious. If there was ever a rapper that wasn’t a coked out psycho schizo that we forgot…


…then Jadakiss is the personification of “the streets”.

His songs speak for themselves.





4. Ghostface Killah

(The Prince that was promised)

I dance to the beat of my own drum.

The guys on the site can confirm this. I don’t play well with others, rarely show up to podcasts/meetings unless John has food and in general I tend to blurt out horribly inappropriate things in the middle of conversation. I honestly really shouldn’t be allowed around people. If there is ANY artist in this world that I think I can relate to its Ghostface Killah aka Tony Starks.

Below is a Wu Tang song about life in the projects…they were talking that street shit more or less. Just straight up ghetto bars.  For some reason Ghostface decided that was the perfect song to describe himself having some pretty wild sex with a female…..super graphically might I add. His verse had absolutely nothing to do with anything Raekwon or Method Man spoke about early on on the track.

I relate to this moment on a spiritual level.

Listen to the whole song….when you’re done you’ll understand who I am just a little bit more than you did 3 minutes ago.

Behold, my favorite rapper of all time…




3. Andre 3000

Understand that Ghostface killah being my favorite rapper and having another 3 people before him is just me being 100. My dream vehicle is a Jeep Wrangler but I’m fully aware that a Land Rover is far superior.

The Land Rover: Because the range was too expensive but you have your pride if nothing else

Andre 3000 is the Sade of rap because he pops up once in a while, gives us piping hot flames, and then leaves for a few years. I’m not even making this up.

This nigga showed up last year and did a single verse on the Frank Ocean “Blonde” Album, set my phone on fire and then disappeared….again. He’s one of the few rappers alive that makes me push the headphones a bit deeper in my ear just to decode what the fuck he’s saying. He speaks art….he’s a painter with bars and every line is a brush stroke of pure fucking mastery of his skill.

Put it like this….Eminem calls THIS man his idol….let that sink in.



2. Jay Z

I hated Jay Z for a long time. I thought he was the most commercial piece of shit asshole on the planet. Understand at the time I was an underground head; Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, Killarmy, Gravediggaz, MF Doom, Murs etc. As far as I was concerned this nigga was NOT hip hop. Then my boy Joe made me sit down and listen to Reasonable Doubt….my life was never the same after that. I was late to the party so I had years of his catalogue to run through but hands down this man has changed hip hop forever.

Don’t believe me?

Remember when he made…um…the whole world wear button ups?

Lyrically the man is ridiculous.

He puts life and passion into his rhymes and somehow, despite losing that battle to Nas he still had the best verse in the epilogue of that situation.

“Cause a nigga wear a kufi it don’t mean that he bright, ‘Cause you don’t understand him don’t mean that he nice. You just don’t understand all of the bullshit that he writes” RIP Nas


This year he gave us all 4:44 an album that was so well done he almost sounds like he hasn’t lost a step.

(Almost….relax Ricardo).

He has so many great verses but then I remembered he murdered an upcoming legend in the making on his own track and wanted to remind niggas of who they should be believing in.




1.La’Shon Stubbs

La’Shon Stubbs aka Shonny aka Ms New Car aka Shonny Nickels is one of 2 females in the 10th Year camps. Shy, laidback and all around a pretty chill chick when you really get to know her. One day, a day that will live in infamy, we realized that our dear little friend was not only a bartender and whatever her everyday occupation is…

(No one knows what her or Dakarai do for a living….its weird)

…that young Shonny….is a rapper.

She has no album, no mixtape, not even a full song really. But with one verse…one single verse, she put this island on notice. Her ratchet cadence and menacing lyrics slice deep to the very soul as you try and control the lyrical orgasm going on in your ear pubes. She is the princess that was promised….dont mind all the dress up….cause my God does she love to dress up.

This is us going for Bamboo Shack one day. Look how casual we are

Ladies..Gentleman…..Behold….THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!



And that’s my top 10. I’m sure I’ll catch heat for the lack of Nas (Boring), Tupac (overrated) and Eminem (meh) on my list but again…its my list. In the comments below please post your top 10 and lets have the conversation.

And…in case you were wondering, heres the top 10 lists of the other guys on the site.


Young Randolph:

  1. Drake
  2. Kanye
  3. Curren$y
  4. Jayz
  5. Rick Ross
  6. 2chainz
  7. Camron
  8. Stalley
  9. Uzi
  10. 2 PAC



  1. Big Punisher
  2. Murs
  3. NAS
  4. Eminem
  5. Jay Z
  6. Talib Kweli
  7. Biggie
  8. GZA
  9. Mos Def
  10. Andre 3000



  1. Biggie
  2. Tupac
  3. Eminem
  4. Jay-Z
  5. DMX
  6. Outkast
  7. WuTang
  8. Kanye
  9. Drake
  10. Wale


Dakarai “3 eyed raven” Dorsett

Notorious BIG

Andre 3000





Mos Def

Childish Gambino


Rick Ross



Jay Z

Black Thought


Lil Wayne

Kanye West

Kendrick Lamar




Andre 3000


The False God Ricardo Wells



Big Krit




Rick Ross


J Cole

Lil Wayne





Let’s hear from you guys!

Comment and discuss below.