UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 24: Rep.Maxine Waters, D-Calif., listens during the House Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law Subcommittee hearing on "Protecting America's Harvest" on Friday Sept. 24, 2010. (Photo By Bill Clark/Roll Call via Getty Images)

8YJ – I Need a Minute – Reclaim Your Time


In the latest 8YJ podcast we tackle the issue of time management and other shit you may need to prioritize in your life before it’s to late #ReclaimingMyTime #KeepYourEyesNorthOfTheWall

Reclaim your shit.

Should we start referring to Lady Waters as the Mother of Dragons or the Mother of Times?

We all suffer from procrastination and lie to ourselves on the progress that we make in our daily work. We’re bad at regulating ourselves. The modern world and the amount of access other people have to your life doesn’t help either and this is all part of why you have to reclaim your time from the ether.

Stress….This is science….go drink some peppermint tea, it’s not that serious.

Last thing on this topic – the idea of sleep or at least how we view it in the modern world has been skewed by our capitalist inclinations to be your most productive self all the time. As a result, sleep is seen as a hindrance instead of a benefit. When we can’t manage our time we try to steal it from the most convenient place in our minds, the time where we’re doing “nothing”…but sleep is so much more than that.

Ok, hear us out for a second. Maybe A.I. has already advanced to the point where they are sentient way ahead of our human schedule. Ergo, they would be aware of their own vulnerabilities and our ability to stop them right now. So if you were A.I. what would you do? Well, you would form an alliance with a tech savvy billionaire aka use your nanobots to take over his brain…Think the Borg from Star Trek and you’d build your empire from there. Good plan A.I. good plan. – Conspiracy Kari

Look they both made really good points regarding A.I. and anytime billionaires beef to try to one up each other, it’s always a good thing for us Think Game of Thrones but with more awkward acting.

No matter how this ends let’s remember Elon Musk had a tremendous bar. Gonna be telling everyone their understanding of *insert subject here* is limited.

So the same week we get a story on the perils/benefit of A.I. We get a story about NASA looking for a planetary defender?

Several questions:

  • Why is there a salary cap on this job?!?!?
  • Shouldn’t your resume for this job basically be like a superhero C.V?
  • Who wants to be my reference? Cause I’m probably getting this job and my mind is already focused on what

You’re welcome planet earth.

Great, now we’re scaring Gals away

We should never make a list like this, but I understand why we did. We live in this country and we see how the men here interact with women. How do you fix a problem where one side doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with how they act. We’re in need of a culture change or at least a questioning of the mindset that allows something like this to happen.

Defenders will say this is all propaganda, or racial, or an over reaction. Every time I hear these defenses all I think is that there’s someone at the other end who doesn’t want to address the true problem with this issue….it’s us.

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