8YJ – I Need a Minute – The Bahamas Election Preview *Update* Bye Bye


Make no mistake folks, this will end badly. But a day of reckoning is at hand for some of these politicians. but uhhhh….

This man is going to be the next Prime Minister of The Bahamas. Hubert A. Minnis. Aka, A is A B is B C is C, aka Roc with Doc, aka The People’s Champ, aka enterpuuuunerrrerrrrrr.

In our election preview podcast, 8YJ (horribly) tries to break down the ins and outs of the coming elections. We discuss election day prep which we’ve concluded is similar to hurricane preparations only this time there will be actual devastation as opposed to a few people losing avocado trees and power.

…and this is only if the PLP wins….imagine if the DNA take it. #StayWoke

This is not a joke, folks. Word was just handed down by Dakarai that even the gym will be closed on Wednesday so imagine liquor stores and bars. This is the time to stock up on what’s important like alcohol, cosmetic drugs and a strong resentment for “niggas” who are more or less the reason we’re in this mess, to begin with.

Ricardo has more or less lost hope for the future as Dakarai and I sit back and wait for the world to burn as we more or less predicted this a long time ago.

Bahamian politics has done little more than devolve into a state of less politics and more “what have you done for me lately” jargon with free t-shirts, food and liquor peppered in for good measure. It’s a smorgasbord of tingsy Bahamians and ill-timed mid 90’s R&B music.


No one really cares about your ethics and plan for the future when they have a free plate of this in front of them. Wait….is the R.Kelly playing….?

After admitting who he’ll be voting for on Wednesday (listen to find out), Andrew then tries to convince Dakarai to vote the same and almost succeeds. Meanwhile, Ricardo explains his vote and who he thinks “should” win in the end.

We then go into the Rally process and events and just how bad Hubert Minnis is at saying words. That is until Hubert “Papa” Ingram came on the scene and people more or less forgot that he isn’t running in these elections at all. Timelines were flooded with cries for his return.

Meanwhile, at the PLP camps, Perry Christie and friends were in cruise control saying things like “Pindling!” and “Bahamar” and, plot twist…..PERRY DIDNT FALL ASLEEP!

Ok he had help with staying upright but still…..look how not dead he looks.

This will be a tough one to stomach as either way this process swings its just gonna end badly. This election process is like robbing a bank: At best you succeed and end up with food and housing for the rest of your life. At worst you get arrested….and end up with food and housing for the rest of your life.

The only difference is in one scenario there’s rape involved and in the other happy corruption.

***************************U P D A T E***************************

With all of that being said this photo is magical and if you shake his hand you’re never going to fail.

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