#TallTakes: WHOOPS!

The Oscars Weren’t so bad afterall

The Oscars were lit!

The Oscars managed to be interesting and poignant while being surprisingly diverse at a time when recent awards shows have been criticized for overlooking great performances by actors, directors and producers of color, this year’s ceremony went a little differently, being the most diverse ceremony ever.

The Oscars Ceremony may have been (unintentionally) saving its best for last, when the announcement for best picture was completely botched.  Though the award was supposed to go to Moonlight, somehow La La Land ended up being called up to the stage. The La La Land folks were a few minutes into their speeches when they were interrupted and corrected. This shit is hilarious.

No skit, performance or prank pulled on unsuspecting tourists could possibly be more entertaining than a gaffe of this magnitude and importance.  I don’t care if it overshadows the monumental accomplishment of a film with no white people in it winning a best picture Oscar, or that it distracts us from the most important thing the entire show had to offer: Janelle Monae.

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She should win a lifetime achievement award for just being her.

The crowning achievement of the ceremony was completely trashed, and at the end of the day that’s what it deserves. The Oscars are essentially Hollywood congratulating itself for making piles of money for having skills that benefit (with the exception of White Helmets) nobody.

It’s fun to see it treated like the joke it is.


I want to see JaVale McGee and Shaq fight

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Golden State Warriors reserve center JaVale McGee and NBA hall of famer Shaquille O’Neal have gotten into what may be the best beef since Nas went at Hov.

Basically, McGee took exception from the abuse he’s been taking from Shaq over the course of the past decade during his Shaqtin the Fool segment on TNT.  The tipping point seemed to come a week ago when Shaq turned McGee’s entire career into a spoof.

McGee, feeling a bit ornery given the fact that he’s actually playing well for the best team in the NBA decided that enough was enough.

Shaq responded by taking things too far, because that’s the most Shaq course of action in this situation.

The back-and-forth eventually got squashed, but not until after the league, the network, Kevin Durant, the Warriors and both of their moms got involved.  It got ugly there for a second.

I don’t begrudge Shaq for having jokes at McGee’s expense, however it’s kind of corny on his part to keep bringing back old clips just to laugh at the guy for no reason in particular other than to be a bully.

I don’t fault McGee for standing up for himself either, because that’s what grown ass men do. Shaq’s constant lampooning him has hurt his perception around the league and in the general public and it may have altered the course of his career costing him a lot of money in the process. Meanwhile Shaq made a career as a broadcaster shining a light on everything McGee did wrong, cause let’s be real here: Shaq isn’t in the booth because of his insightful analysis.

And while I’m here for the jokes, threatening bodily on harm on someone because they took exception to you being a complete jerk to them is a bridge too far. But this situation could have been resolved without anyone’s mom being called.

They should have let them shoot the fair one

Let them throw hands, it doesn’t have to be done for public consumption, we don’t even have to know who won, but let them settle this like how our grandfathers settled things (when they weren’t having illegitimate children).

The matchup isn’t as lopsided as people may think. At 7’0″ and 270 pounds McGee as a really big, strong guy, and although Shaq is bigger and stronger, McGee has a decided advantage in quickness and stamina, being much younger and in much better shape than Shaq.

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Shaq is a martial arts master though

So let them get in a good scrap. What’s the worst that can happen?

javale mcgee


Draymond Green is not here for Paul Pierce’s retirement tour

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Speaking of Warriors in beefs, last week Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green roasted Los Angeles Clippers reserve forward Paul Pierce during free throws, mostly clowning him over the fact that he wasn’t getting the same adoration reserved for greats like Kobe Bryant during his final season in the league.


Dray is right in that he isn’t exactly getting the Kobe treatment in terms of pomp and ceremony which is probably appropriate given the fact that while both Pierce and Kobe are hall-of-fame caliber players, Pierce wasn’t nearly the player Kobe was in his prime nor did his game have the same endearing aesthetics.

However one guy from Nassau, Bahamas will always consider himself a fan of Paul Pierce for one reason and one reason only: While I, nor anyone at 10th Year Seniors condone or encourages gang activities or  lifestyles, I respect the levels of “don’t give a shit” to do this in an NBA game.

Paul Pierce may not have the farewell tour that Kobe had last year, but he’ll always have the streets. And sometimes that’s enough.

What the fuck Jameis?

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Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback gave the worst motivational speech in the history of motivational speeches to a group of elementary school students in Florida last week.

But all my boys, stand up. We strong, right? We strong! We strong, right? All my boys, tell me one time: I can do anything I put my mind to. Now a lot of boys aren’t supposed to be soft-spoken. You know what I’m saying? One day y’all are going to have a very deep voice like this. One day, you’ll have a very, very deep voice.

But the ladies, they’re supposed to be silent, polite, gentle. My men, my men supposed to be strong. I want y’all to tell me what the third rule of life is: I can do anything I put my mind to. Scream it!

The context of this quote may have been lost because according to Jameis the boys were acting unruly and he was attempting to reel them in, however he has to understand that quotes like that are:

  1. problematic, inheritntly given his insistence that children adhere to outdated, ananchronistic, completely arbitrary gender roles that reinforce patriarchy and the silencing of women as well as the stifiling of their personalities.

I’m not sure if he actually is a sexual predator, and I don’t know what message he was trying to convey upon those kids, but he has to know that being the guy who says “girls should be quiet and meek” doesn’t bode well for having his status as “was accused of sexual assault” guy revoked. It actually makes him look kind of guilty because it makes him seem like he has no regard for women’s agency.

This “might makes right” outlook expressed by Jameis is unhealthy not only to how girls view themselves when they grow up and become women, but also to how boys view themselves too.  Jameis had a prime example to empower a group of school kids, and by trying to single the boys out he not only failed the girls, he failed them also. . Hopefully he can learn to see how what he said was wrong and reverse course, though given the half-assed apology he issued I don’t hold out much hope for him.

Our Prime Minister is Stone Cold Steve Austin.

It turns out the head-of-state for the country I call home is one beer-shotgun away from being Stone-Cold Steve Austin.

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Nah this really happened.

I try to stay as far from local politics as I possibly can mainly because it’s trash but given the fact that people who vote here seem to be trash as well, I’m guessing someone’s poll numbers just shot up.

Athlete who is good at sports: My Fellow 10YS Cofounders

About half the 10YS team went to Trinidad to take part in the carnival festivities, and while it can be argued that Carnival isn’t exactly a sport, the tendinitis flareup I had after I hit the road in the Bahamas Carnival last year disagrees with you.

If Carnival was a sport these guys would be the Ball brothers during Lonzo’s last year at Chino Hills.  They’re the 1920’s “Murderer’s row” Yankees team that destroyed everybody back in the day, they’re the 1986 Boston Celtics.

If Carnival isn’t a sport then how are they winning it?

Riddle me that shit.