#TallTakes: Odell For MVP

Odell Beckham should be the NFL’s MVP.

Last night the New York Giants upset the NFC East leading Dallas Cowboys, beating them 10-7 and intercepting quarterback rookie sensation Dak Prescott twice, which is wild considering he came into this game with only 2 interceptions this entire season.

The Giants took the final lead on a spectacular 61 yard catch and run by superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Junior in the fourth quarter.

He then hit the moonwalk because he just secured a victory for his team against their hated division leading rivals, and besides Odell gonna Odell.

This victory is a significant one.  It would be like the Miami Dolphins beating the New England Patriots, if the Miami Dolphins win two Superbowls in the past 8 years and the Patriots have been butt for decades…. it’s nothing like the Dolphins beating the Patriots I just like to give Dolphins fans crap but I digress. But this victory not only knocked the Cowboys off their high horse, it also ensured that  New York Giants, who aren’t really as good as their record would have you believe will remain in the playoff hunt. We all know what happens when The Giants barely make it into the playoffs.

Image result for David Tyree catch
Pats Fans definitely know

Odell Beckham is the heart and soul of the Giants on offense. Not only is he their only great player, he’s the only consistently reliable threat on a unit lead by a quarterback who’s a threat to throw amazingly bad interceptions in key moments a running game that doesn’t actually exist and a left tackle who decided at some point this season that he wants to be a matador instead of a football player being lead by a buffoonish head-coach who looks like a composite sketch of someone who goes on playgrounds with nothing but a trenchcoat on.

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Look at this fucking guy

  Somehow the Giants are still a playoff threat, and it’s all because of Odell. 

He deserves to be the MVP, but the NFL won’t do that, because aside from being the best receiver we’ve ever seen he’s a ton of fun, and “NFL” will never not mean “No Fun League.

Klay Dropped like A million points on the Pacers last week

On Tuesday afternoon Golden State Warriors shooting guard, friend of this website Klay Thompson scored 60 points on the Indiana Pacers.

The amazing part of this offensive output was that Klay wasn’t aggressively forcing shots in a Kobe-ish way, he got his completely in the flow of the game shooting 21-33 taking only 11 dribbles.  He also did it in only 29 minutes sitting out the entire 4th quarter, which is fucking absurd.

And that’s the thing about the Warriors, sure Klay may hit you up for 60 every now and then, but there isn’t a thing you can do about it.  If Klay goes all George Gervin on you, if you’re an opposing coach you just charge it to the game, sometimes that happens and you just have to charge it to the game. What you can’t do is roll defense away from Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant in an effort to stop Klay Thompson, because they WILL hit you up for a 25 point quarter and you’ll probably get fired because that’s the dumbest thing you could hope to do.

Some games you just aren’t going to win.

Keep Getting them checks Charlie Strong

On Sunday, former University of Texas longhorns coach Charlie Strong was named the head coach of the University of South Florida’s football team.

Strong’s impact on the football field at Texas was mediocre at best as he had a losing record, though it can be argued that he was set-up for failure in Texas seeing as he was the the constant object of vaguely racist harassment from University of Texas boosters and alumni.

Strong may not go down as a legend in the annals of Longhorn football history, however he will definitely go down in history as a legend in the bank as  he made around $5 million all of his three years in Texas.  He will make around $2 million a year in Tampa plus half of his USF salary for the remaining two years of his Texas contract in accordance with the details of his buyout.

That’s right, he’s getting a million dollars a year from his old job to work at his new job.

He could have gotten $10 million over the next two years if he just stayed home and did nothing.

He cost himself  a ton of money…. by going out and getting a job.

Even when some people lose they win, only to lose again.


Lamar Jackson became the Youngest Heisman award winner ever then hung out with Johnny Manziel.

This past weekend Lamar Jackson became the most forgettable Heisman winner since Eric Crouch and his “deceptive speed”

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He will always be the answer to the trivia question “who won the Heisman over Ed Reed, Jeremy Shockey and Dwight Freeney?”

I guess someone had to get the award so whatever.

He seen celebrating after with former Heisman winner Johnny Manziel shortly after the ceremony.

Image result for lamar jackson and johnny manziel

I don’t see how hanging with Johnny Football ends well for Lamar Jackson….. unless he considers The Weeknd to be more of a role model to him than Peyton manning.  Then it’s lit, because Johnny Manziel has hookers and blow on deck.

The Chiefs and the Raiders have the most bizarrely fun beef of all time.

The Oakland Raiders, touted by some football pundits as real Superbowl contenders got beat on Thursday by the Kansas City Chiefs, who nobody ever believes in, by a score of  21-13. But enough for that Xs and Os nonsense. I’m here for the good stuff.

Raiders punter and KC tight end Travis Kelce got into it on the field after Marquette King missed a tackle on speedy punt returner and alum of the illustrious University of West Alabama, Tyreek Hill have so many questions:

Why the fuck is a pro-bowl tight end on the field on a special teams play?

I feel like he gets paid way too much money to risk getting hurt on special teams.

Is it not weaksauce to talk smack to a punter?

It’s not like the punter is any threat to put a lick on you, or really retaliate in any kind of way. Talk shit to a safety or a linebacker if you’re a tough guy.

Who does more dancing that Travis Kelce?

How can the buffoonish white dude who hits the Quan off-key be “respect the game guy? Look at this shit:

How can you expect anyone to stop someone from UWA?

Alums of “The Dub” are known to be unstoppable. It’s just what the hell we do. You shouldn’t give shit to someone who can’t stop one, there’s no stopping Tigers.



#FreeBuddy: The Saga continues

Dorial Green-Beckham treats “My Cause My Cleats” like the joke it is.

The NFL unveiled the “My Cleats My Cause” program this season where players got to wear customized  cleats that deviated from their strict rules regarding equipment and uniforms.  The cleats would then me auctioned off to benefit said charities.

The program is a halfassed joke that the NFL put in place to placate all the players that wanted to protest police shootings of black people earlier this season and the fans who felt like the NFL was indifferent to the plight of people being murdered. The flipside of this nonsense is that the money raised goes to benefit scammy charities used by rich people to raise a ton of money, avoid paying taxes or both

Dorial Green-Beckham, who may or not have been aware of this decided to wear a pair of Kanye Wests’s Adidas “Yeezy Boost” shoes modified with cleats in them to benefit “The Yeezy Foundation”, a charity that does not exist, which probably makes it not as bad as actual charities.

The NFL didn’t get the joke so they fined Green-Beckham $6,000.

The No Fun League will forever be not fun.

Ed Orgeron Clip

I couldn’t find any new clips of my man Coach O but that’s not going to stop me. I will never stop sharing clips of Ed Orgeron, ever.

This Week’s Athlete who is really good at sports. 

Did you not read the title of this article?