J. Cole – 4 Your Eyez


With HOV falling back and the very real fall off of KANYE, HIP HOP has been noticeably bland since Drake two of his favorite pen-pals and half of Jamaica dropped VIEWS.

Go ahead and awaken those that may have nodded off due to the blatant anti-talent, anti-intellectual, anti-knowledge b.s. being spewed through our radios.

I kid you not, in the words of Chance the Rapper and real rap everywhere, “We Back.”

Assemble your best listening devices and platforms because the inappropriately bearded and dreaded J Cole just stepped out of the booth and thank all that is holy he avoided suits, hot showers and restful nights.

We needed his struggle.

Actual picture of Cole excited to drop this album off to be mastered.


Here is another of him halfway there. The bus driver played that new Lil Uzi Vert – hence Cole’s confusion


With his fourth studio album, 4 Your Eyez Only due out this Friday, Cole was in rare form last weekend. He dropped a 40-minute documentary to preview his new EP called, you guessed it, EYEZ.

And if my plea for true HIP HOP wasn’t clear enough, Jermaine certainly made it clear with a serious status check of what has gone wrong in the industry in recent months.

Courtesy of TIDAL – Eyez gives fans a unique look at the effort and production put into COLE’s new album. From instruments work, to rhyme schemes and most of all; the conscious mindset of the HIP HOP standout.


Maneuvering between concept packages and the production of some Godly soul and jazz tracks, Cole gives a taste of what we can expect from him moving forward.

And oh yea……. two fucking beauties:

One Day Everybody Gottta Die

In this track, Cole wastes no time setting the record straight on how he feels about the game, old rappers, new rappers, and of course those god awful, “eight week rappers.”

With poignant shots aimed at everyone in tow, J Cole posted to the back of a pick up, because of course, real rappers don’t own flashy cars; makes it clear that he is aware of the difference in shelf life for club-conscious rappers and the “I lived this so this is from the heart” rappers.

You know, the difference between:

Right Thurr










Yes, exactly.





Next up, we have False Prophets.

Oh, this is a doozy (it takes a lot for me to say doozy, so this shout be taken with a Kobe-face level of seriousness)

With clear shots Kanye Kardashian in verse 1, i assume Wale in verse 2, and whomever else wants to get bodied in verse three; Cole puts reality into prospective.

Face it, you’ve thought about. He said it over a nice beat, attached to a fresh hook – damn, somebody should have told me it would be like this.

Shots fired!

Let it be known, real rap is back.