RatchetCast: Don’t Shoot the Messenger



Basketball Wives LA

This Sunday the reunion brought the intensity we expected as the ladies have now had an opportunity to see the show themselves. It was clear that the majority of the cast was not here for DJ Duffy. In the first 10 minutes alone – Tammy, Shaunie and Malaysia ripped into her with every sentence. Basically no one was shy on their general dislike for her. Angel Love also grew a pair ( and finally stood up for herself. She expressed her dislike for Duffy much to Brandi’s surprise who then decides to stand up for her “tistah” as Jackie said Duffy referred to her.

It’s amazing how Brandi simply sat there when the other women ripped into Duffy and only decided to say something when little Angel Love stood up for herself. When Angel got angry and stood up, up jumps Malaysia telling her to have a seat. Ummm… Angel is half the size of Brandy. What were you going to do? These girls are so whack. Pick on someone your on size.

Angel Brinks decided she no longer wants to hang around the girls anymore and we were left wondering, will she back next season?

Shaunie also stated that she no longer wants Duffy to be apart of the group and pretty much told her she was boring because she has no storyline. My guess is we won’t be seeing her next season either.

WAGs: Miami

The ladies of WAGs returned from their trip from resorts world Bimini with Claudia and Ashley at war…again. Ashley chose the girls’ trip to expose Claudia for doing a naked photoshoot after she went on several rants about Claudia because she”acts like she’s better than the rest of them.” Claudia denied the photos were actually her and claimed they were photoshopped. If you ask me, Ashley seems to be jealous of Claudia. She uses every opportunity she can to bring her down in front of the other girls. Girl Claudia, good riddance. You don’t need someone like that in your life.

Ashley decides to have a birthday get together and invites all of the girls (except Claudia of course). Hoping for a fun day at the pool with her girls she was in for a surprise when Vanessa and Hencha went at it. At dinner the night before, Hencha blurted out that she had something to tell Vanessa about her bf of 8 years. Needless to say, Vanessa was not having it. Things came to a head when the issue was mentioned at the pool and the exchange nearly got physical.

Hencha seemed a bit salty that Vanessa was gushing over her relationship, as pathetic as it sounded. So that says alot about her. Hencha, I hope you learned your lesson about telling these delusional Debbie’s about their man. Sometimes you just have to let people be dumb and see things for themselves because 9 -10 they won’t ever listen and they will shoot the messenger. I mean, how close are you and Vanessa anyway? Why do you feel the need to say anything to her?

Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Cobra and Kat meet for the first time, and as all snobby artists tend to do, Kat immediately critiques Cobra’s work. Cobra was not pleased about that. Meanwhile  Ryan, Charmaine and Danielle fly to New Orleans to see Charmaine’s family. We see Ryan flirting with Charmaine’s best friend talmbout she’s his type. Smh,after a night of turning up in Nola. Why Ryan? What’s your type? Loose?

The next day they went to Charmaine’s family’s house for their annual crawfish boil and Danielle lets it slip to Charmine’s dad that she got her car repossessed. Her dad was livid and called the crew in to discuss this. It basically turned into a session of him begging Charmaine to come home. Charmaine refused and pretty much told her dad she would make her own way in  the world even though she knew that corporate America was not for her. It ended on a good note with both Charmaine and her dad understanding each other a bit more. Don’s baby mama shows up to the shop to tell him how much of a dead beat he is. He chalked it up to her being jealous of what he and his fiance have. Don is definitely the “Oh Sh*t”of the shop. (Only real Black ink watchers know who this is.)