College Football Week 2, Down Goes The BIG 12

College Football is always a roller coaster ride in the first 4 weeks of the season. No one really has an idea of what will happen, but we all try to act like we know how these college kids will do with their teams. Here’s what are some of the highlights from week 2.

Big 12 Woes

Central Michigan stunned #22 Oklahoma State on an untimed hail Mary play which almost looked exactly like the play they ran in the 2014 Bahamas bowl.

2014 Bahamas Bowl
2014 Bahamas Bowl
Saturday V OSU

It also hurts that TCU who was pegged as one of the favorites to win the BIG 12 lost Arkansas in double over time.

The top 3 teams in their presesason rankings (OU,OKSate, and TCU)all have losses in the first 2 weeks of the season, damaging the chances of making the college football playoff.

Better hope Texas and Charlie Strong run the table.

SEC Bounces Back

After what many will call a poor showing in week 1, the SEC came out and showed that they are still a top conference to contend with.

The SEC went undefeated against out of conference teams this week with Tennessee defeating Virginia Tech 45 – 24, in front of a record crowd of over 150,000 fans.

Alabama still shows why they are number 1 in the country with a sounding defeat over Western Kentucky and LSU and Mississippi State bounce back from crushing defeats. As much as i said they were over rated last week, it is hard to keep a conference down that produces to many NFL players.

Run Trough the Line

Ray Ray McCloud showed off his amazing skills and speed this past weekend, but decide to go full DeSean Jackson on clemson letting go of the ball before he crossed the goal line.


The worse part about that is, the game was close and they could have used those extra points. Clemson is lucky that it didn’t turn out to be like the Utah v Oregon game which turned what looked like a 13- 0 lead into a 7 -7 game.

I will take the only highlight from my game and let us use this as the example across college football in how to score a breakaway touchdown.


Bahamas Bowl

This years predictions are much tougher than previous years, as we now have 3 conferences to pick from.

It is still early in the year but i feel that it will be an American Athletic Conference team v a C-USA team.

So far I am truly lost in which teams will be making the bowl game, but I am going to stick to my prediction last week and say that it will be

Temple v FAU

After week 4 of the season, we should get a better sense of who will be bowl eligible and will be contending for a spot to play in the Bahamas.