Rio 2016 Olympics: Fashion Trends


As the 2016 summer Olympics come to an end, we remember some of the most memorable fashion, body and hair trends sported by the athletes. From the Tongans and their super oiled and super fine flag bearer

I just wanna have all his kids.
I just wanna have all his kids.

to the Japanese and Chinese runners and their Fashion Nova two piece sets. There were tons of hits and misses. We’re going to take a look back at some of the most memorable trends that stood out at this year’s games.

The Man Bun

This hipster hairstyle was adorned by a few male athletes at this year’s Olympics. Apparently, Hipsters exercise to0…who knew.  Athletes such as Australian basketball player Aron Baynes, French basketball player Antoine Diot and Louis Smith, a gymnast from France (to no one’s surprise) all rocked this popular hair trend. For most women we refer to this as a top knot or as Nal would call it “hippy shit”. I really hope to see less of this trend as it looks horrible on most men while others …

He cute or whatever

Olympic Ink

Many athletes opted for getting more permanent fixtures and we saw countless tattoos of the Olympic rings on various body parts. I thought this was pretty cool.  I’d get a tat if I made it to the gym once this year without getting sick. What a great way of commemorating such an important life event, even if you got it in tramp stamp form. Athletes such as Beckie Downie, a gymnast from Great Britain, Missy Franklin, an American Swimmer and Luisa Peters, a weightlifter from The Cook islands  were all seen with the iconic rings inked into their skin. And Kari and John’s friend…

Tat them rings on ya let them know its real
Tat them rings on ya let them know its real

Brightly Colored Hair

The Caribbean girls showed their patriotism at this year’s Olympics by rocking bright hair in the color of their respective countries. The Bahamas’ very own gold medallist Shaunae Miller (before any haters think of responding to that, be mindful that #CYC massive is always watching) wore an Aqua and black ombre mane, Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce  of Jamaica wore green and yellow tresses as per her usual and Michelle Lee-Ahye of Trinidad and Tobago dyed her locs a bright red color. This trend is a total keeper.

I’m doing this to my hair, clearly it’s the key to greatness.

Opening Ceremony Fits

Hands down the best Opening ceremony fit was the Americans tailored and nautical inspired look, designed by Ralph Lauren. The athletes rocked red, white and blue striped shirts (which some argue resemble the Russian flag. Is Ralph a Putin spy? Does Kanye know this? So many questions here), navy blue blazers with the iconic Polo Emblem , white skinnies and flag colored boat shoes.

I thought this look was crisp and well put together…minus some minor details

Despite all that, this was my favorite look by far. This happened before any athlete won a medal, any memories were made had nothing to do with anything and it still was the most iconic image of the games. It’s about time someone on this site hyper-sexualises men and my future baby daddy totally stole the show.

Second time I’ve run his picture so 10YS is going to regret letting me join, but I digress cuz…#BAE (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)


Honorable Mention

“Drunken-douche-bro-saga turned international scandal” notwithstanding,  I loved the ice blonde look that Ryan Lochte rocked at this year’s games. The boy who cried wolf was totally giving us that silver surfer super hero vibe and I was here for it. Based on his story he actually thought he was a super hero…but no.

Now I hope all of that bleach makes his hair fall out…asshole

I would have loved to had seen Maggie Vessey at this year’s Olympics. She has incredible style and brings high fashion to the track with her amazing selection of running outfits. This year’s trend of athleisure is taking the world by storm and more and more workout wear is being worn in other settings. I’m personally obsessed with this trend and this chick totally gets it.


Well, there you have it folks, our top trends from this year’s games. It’s safe to say we will miss the excitement that Rio brought and the fashion inspiration from the athletes. So until next Olympics (or the next time Ryan Lochte decides to show his ass)… Stay Fashionably woke.