Buddy Hield Games We Can’t Wait For.

By Taige and Kari

Bahamian NBA player Buddy Hield is set to start his rookie season with the New Orleans Pelicans off in a couple of months.  Buddy’s going to play a lot of games, so we at 10YS took it upon ourselves to parse which ones you’re going to want to see early on.

October 26th vs. Denver Nuggets – Buddy will be going up against Jamal Murray, who was regarded as one of the top shooting guards in the draft along with Buddy.  It’s going to be great watching them go at each other in their first NBA game. – Taige

November 12th vs. LA Lakers – In the grand scheme of the NBA this game is inconsequential as both teams won’t be very good. This game is a very important one for the Bahamas however, because Bahamians love The Lakers for some reason. Go Figure. – Taige

Schools will be closed, bars will be packed, and throngs of Bahamians will be shouting KOBE at TV screens at a game he isn’t even playing in. It’s gonna be great. Call it a holiday – Kari.

November 7th @ Golden State – Golden State is the presumed favorite to win the NBA title after adding the league’s second or third best player (depending on who you ask) to the team with the best regular season ever. There’s a Bahamian sub-plot with Buddy’s shooting guard counterpart Klay Thompson having a Bahamian father.  This game is also important for me personally because Golden State is my favorite team and Buddy Hield is my (and every Bahamian’s) favorite player and November 7th is my birthday. PARTY AT MY HOUSE (if Cara says it’s okay) – Taige

Nah, but for real Steph and Klay are about to put on a show this night. The heir to the 3 point shooting throne is coming to their building after they’ve heard all the comparisons, they have a point to prove. Yeah, Steph hits at least seven 3’s and Klay hit’s 10. – Kari

November 14th vs. Boston – Going into the draft many New England media types  thought, perhaps wishfully, that the Celtics were going to take Hield with the number 3 overall pick after he went all Daenerys Targaryen at the temple of Vaes Dothrak and set their rims completely on fire in his workout.

Buddy with Celtics officials after his shooting performance.

But on draft night we learned that Buddy to the Celtics was not meant to be when they drafted Jaylen Brown with that pick.  Does Buddy have a chip on his shoulder about it? Will he set out to make them regret not taking him? We’re going to find out – Taige

Buddy thought he was going to be drafted by the Celtics. He showed out in his workout for them 85 3’s. Then they picked Jaylen Brown, an athletic guard who’s a great defender, but can’t finish at the rim. Buddy’s gonna be amped for this one, believe it. – Kari

November 18th vs Portland – I don’t care about the Trailblazers but they’re Nal’s favorite team.  Nal also has an obligation, as all 390,000 Bahamians do, to root for Buddy Hield. It’s going to be great to see him agonize over this. – Taige


Nal vs. The Bahamas. Can’t wait for his status updates during this game. Then Bahamian social media telling him to carry his ocean wide….Kari.

Nal avoiding the mud thrown his way from Bahamian social media like….

December 2nd vs. The Clippers – Buddy has to make Blake Griffin pay for this – Taige

This gotta be what Lebron means when he says “Bigger than basketball” you can’t be letting niggas do this fam. – Kari

December 8th vs. Philly – Sure Philly is a crap team but this is going to be the first time Buddy faces off against number 1 overall pick Ben Simmons since he famously scored 32 to lead his Oklahoma Sooners to a narrow escape over Simmons’ LSU Tigers. I’m ready to see Buddy vs. Ben part II: The League. – Taige

January 14th @ Chicago – Buddy and Denzel Valentine were neck- and- neck for a number of different national player of the year awards as the two were generally considered the best players in college basketball their senior year. Buddy won some important awards like the Wooden and the Naismith but Valentine won the AP award and the debate between who was the best in college last year was never really settled. It’s time to figure out who’s the best NBA player of the two – Taige


Buddy vs. Denzel, the battle of the denim vests. Chicago drafting Denzel 14th was my second favorite moment of the draft. All the injury concerns aside Valentine is one of those players who fills up a stat sheet because he’s everywhere on the court. And he gets to learn under the tutelage of D-Wade which is akin to learning Kung-Fu under Pei-Mei. Hope they both stay healthy and we get to see this matchup for years to come. – Kari

March 15th @ Miami – That’s important because we can fly on Bahamasair to Miami or Fort Lauderdale and watch this game. Plus, nobody in Miami is cares about the Pelicans or even knows they’re a thing so the tickets should go for pretty cheap.  – Taige

*Logs on to Kayak* These flights are probably all already gone . You know the Ministry of Tourism is gonna be at this game, you know there’s gonna be Junkanoo at this game. I’m more interested in the signs and flags that are gonna be in the arena. Let’s see how clever you guys really are. – Kari