Russia wanted to win the Paralympics REALLY bad.


Russia has been under a lot of fire in the past few weeks after investigations revealed that its entire Olympic program has been involved in a doping program that was orchestrated by the country’s government.  The fallout from this doping scandal resulted in the banning of one third of Russia’s entire Olympic contingent from the 2016 games currently underway in Rio.

Russia’s Paralympic team was also implicated in the same scandal.  Unlike their Olympic counterparts, their entire contingent was banned outright from the 2016 games, which is nuts.

The Paralympics is presented to the public as a paragon of goodwill, high-minded sportsmanship, and general feel-goodery featuring extraordinary athletes, and people in general, defying the odds and representing their country all for the love of making you feel that tingle in your chest.

At a time when the general perception of our most famous athletes is that they put cutthroat competitiveness above everything the Paralympics are supposed to be a beacon of humanity, a breath of fresh air.  Cheating in the Paralympics, or rather state-ran cheating in the Paralympics isn’t only indicative that we’re dealing with people who are incapable of giving a shit, it is the final frontier of not giving a shit.

The type of people who would do stuff like this would invade a country because it’s Tuesday, indiscriminately murder civilians in a war zone because “screw it” or fund Donald Trump’s election bid.

What kind of Dr. Doom – tier villain would oversee such an ambitiously awful dickery?

this fucking guy