For the Culture – Vibes w/Reason

IGNITING the Black Hippie culture here in the 242 hasn’t been an easy task, but as is the case with anything progressive, the bandwagon is often filled late.

The Bahamas’ subculture is bigger than most people know, and this Saturday at the Pirate Republic Brewing Company people can see for themselves.

The new era of Bahamian entertainment is all set for a spectacle like no other – Hip Hop the art, the culture, the soul.

Hip Hop in it truest form is considered the poetic convictions of one’s self.

Granted, music that takes its ideals and focus from real life issues have now taken a backseat to gimmicky radio singles – the stuff we hear until we know the lyrics verbatim. But, somewhere there is a cypher brewing, a sixteen of supreme metaphors capable of inciting the biggest culture shift in recent times might just be in the works.

The brainchild of Jasper Haeward, GOODSTOCK is a movement — an idea.

After all, isn’t that’s what Hip Hop is about.

It doesn’t exist on the physical plane, but in a space where nothing can take away its individuality.

Are you ready for the thought-invoking spins of Jay Complex, a regular at Volume Music Bar’s open mic night.

In 2010 he released his first solo project – Underdog: The Mixtape



The 15-track compilation proved to be Complex’s proving ground from the tectonic intro to the all too fitting fact check tidbits offer in the Thank You track.

He dropped his second gem – “bliss” in 2011, with Underdog II: Labour of Love dropping in 2012. In 2014, he released religionROUGE, which found him at his most experimental yet comfortable.

The surreal success of Complex has spurred on other to be comfortable in their output. The results, GOODSTOCK.

Khing Kloud Kay Geni Bryan Ongaku Clan Dizzy Holiday Zuu Shad Fer DJ Foxx

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