Team Vitamalt to Represent Bahamas

For the first time in four years, the Bahamas will be represented in regional flag football competition as the sport of American football continues to develop.

Team Vitamalt will represent the Bahamas at the Cayman Islands Invitational.

Vitamalt is leading the way as the main sponsor for the team what will consist of players from both the Bahamas Flag Football League and the Grand Bahama Flag Football League.

Stacy Mackey, the Non-alcoholic Brand Manager at Commonwealth Brewery Limited, called this Vitamalt sponsorship a “no brainer” as they know the importance of sports development in the Bahamas.

“For Vitamalt we like to focus on sports in general, because we are a drink of replenishment. For us to sponsor the guys to go to Cayman was an obvious choice, they have done very well in the last tournament and we’re hoping great things for them in the tournament in Cayman and wish them all the best.”

The Last time the Bahamas sent down a team, the Spartans from the BFFL participated, and lost in the final seconds during the championship game.

Jayson Clarke a member of the first two teams knows the importance of keeping a close relationship to Cayman.

“The Bahamas has been close to Cayman with flag football. Nassau and Cayman have always sent teams to participate in each others tournaments. This the first time in a few years that we have once again started the partnership to participate in the tournaments. The format they play differs from ours even though we both still play nine versus nine. They are allowed to block down the field, attempt to block punts and line up their defensive line in a non traditional way,” Clarke said,

“Last time we played down there we adopted some of their rules so I wouldn’t be surprised it the guys who participate in this tournament will come back home and try to implement some of the new rules in the BFFL.”

Team manager of Team Vitamalt, Aaron Seymour, is very excited for the opportunity that Vitamalt is giving him on sending a team down to the Cayman Islands.

“I have always been interested in going to Cayman to participate. As I know the BFFL has adopted some rules from their league and they have kept a close contact with them. For me to be able to coach this team from players from both Grand Bahama and Nassau shows that the growth of football is on the upward trend.” Seymour said, “I hope that soon we will be able to establish a youth league and have these same players participating in this tournament and give back to the youth so they will have the same opportunity we were given.”