Accepting The Chickcharney Challenge


After a successful hosting in its inaugural edition of the Chickcharney Challenge, event organizers are optimistic about its growth and the growth of local obstacle course racing in the near future.
Scores of participants completed the course yesterday morning at the Clifton Heritage Park.
Event coordinator Chester Robards said  despite a few logistics issues, the success of the race was evident on the general response from the participants.
“Today was great. Everyoe enjoyed the course, everyone was safe, they did it pretty quickly so we have to make it even harder next time,” he said,  “They loved it, the first question just about everybody asked was ‘When was the next one?’ and we are going to have one pretty soon. The next changes we have to make – we are going to be a lot more organised and we will have alot more participants, and more obstacles to really test our runners.”
Part of the proceeds of the event will benefit the Bahamas National Council for Disabilities.
“I was always a big proponent of disability advocacy and they dont get much help,” Robards said, “We were made aware that they needed a vehicle and we’re happy to have an event to help them out.”
Obstacles included the “Ripped Seam Beam, Chickcharney Channel, Muddersic” and the “Help Me Bey.”
“The idea for the race came from competing in the Tough Mudder,” he said. “It’s a great outdoor activity and people are not spending enough time outdoors doing both fun and challenging activities. Clifton Heritage Park was a good spot, and when we first approached them with the idea, their response was overwhelming. The partnership works because it showcases the park and they have a mandate to get people through the gates. The course allows you to experience the beauty the park has to offer, melding their idea with ours,”

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