No Fast Children, Only Slow Adults

The fast little girls are out for good men. All over our archipelago, hordes of young women are prowling the streets, looking for good older gentlemen to take advantage of. Every now and then, one of these despicable sexual predators upstanding gentlemen gets imprisoned for statutory rape.

If you let Franklyn Williams, our Acting Director of Prosecutions, tell it, that’s what happened in 2020 when  Justin Pratt, a 40-year-old impregnated a 14-year-old girl.

Luckily, Franklyn Williams stood up for the child sexual predator innocent young man giving him a lenient sentence for such a horrific crime miscarriage of justice; four years plus probation.

It’s easy to see how it happens. These girls today have the Instagram and the TikTok. They’ve been exposed to so much. A 40-year-old grown-ass man with decades’ worth of life experience really doesn’t stand a chance. These girls are “fast” as Mr Williams can attest to, and these guys are slow. 

Here is a list of things you, a grown-ass man, can tell a plotting high schooler instead of being a depraved sexual predator when she tries to seduce you:
“Go away”
“I’m going to call your mother.”

“Little girl go home”
“Here’s bus money, please go away”

“I’m old enough to be your father”

And once again, “no”. 

And if all else fails, you can distract her by throwing a happy meal in one direction and running in another direction.

Even if you are a slow adult, you can avoid being a sexual predator. If you don’t care about that (a lot of you don’t seem to care about that), at the very least this advice can help you to avoid going to prison. At the end of the day, we’re adults and the choice is ours and ours alone.

So take some damn responsibility.