Why More Life Will be the Greatest Thing Ever


Anyone that knows me knows I can be a bit of a Drake stan at times… But so what, I like what I like.

However, I still appreciate some of the other singles, mixtapes and EP’s that have been released of late. Even though a number of them go out of their way to take shots at the 6ix god.

J Cole was the latest rapper to shake things up, dropping two singles this month that addressed a number of issues in hip hop, ranging from Kanye rants to ghostwriters, which seems to be the hot button issue of 2016.

Prior to that, Big Sean’s ‘No More Interviews’ stirred up the pot, as he staked his claim as to why he should receive consideration as the top rapper in the game.

With so many rappers claiming the top spot, I feel now more than ever, that Drake’s best work is on the way. And here are a couple of reasons why.


The Quotable’s

No one delivers better quotable’s in the game. IG, Facebook, and Snapchat captions have turned Drizzy’s signature two-piece’s into words that people live by. And while I could go on forever explaining why all the recent beef is going to make the quotable’s on More Life legendary, I feel it would be easier to just drop a few from the past:

“Nobody really likes us except for us”… “I live for the nights that I can’t remember with the people that I won’t forget”… “World Series attitude, champagne bottle life”… “Started not to give a fuck and stopped fearing the consequence”

…… SEE!! I told you. No one has better quoatble’s.

The Features

Drake released four tracks off More Life last month, and some of the features on it were improbable. Of the four, Sneakin’, featuring 21 savage was my favorite. On the track, he adopted 21’s flow, put a few OVO Sound Radio drops in the background and threw in a few Draky lines to make it pop. If you’re a fan of that delivery, you can expect a lot of it on More Life. I feel he’s going to have a lot of features from artists that lead the way in their respective lanes, and that’s what’s going to make this one flow. Drizzy said that More Life is going to be more of a playlist than a mixtape, so expect it to cover a lot of different sounds. So guys that want to ride around in hoodies with Wu-tang fitted caps on, hotboxing and listening to lyrics, this one may not be for you.


He still has 40

Drake having 40 as a producer is the equivalent of having the Golden Gun in Golden Eye. No matter what it is, once he touches it, it’s going to be a hit. Opposed to Views, that had one true signature Drake spaz (Weston Road Flows), More Life is going to have a couple tracks that feature that signature, dark, underwater sound that made Take Care and Nothing Was the Same instant classics.


The Album Cover

Last but not least, the album cover is going to tie everything together. I never believed the old guy with the mustache on Instagram was his real father until I saw that cover. In the picture, his dad is smoking a pipe with a perm and a bald spot, while penning memoirs in a bow tie and silk noragi… this has to be fire.