NBA Style: What The”Frohawk”


Over the last two decades, hairstyles in the NBA  have taken some dramatic turns. From baldies, to cornrows, to mohawks, just about every hairstyle imaginable has graced the hardwood at some point or another.

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There was even a brief appearance by whatever the hell this is

Despite the fact that low cuts have reigned supreme for the most part, a new trend has swept the masses recently, and with it’s many variations, it appears to be here for the long run.


It’s not a full Afro, and it’s not a Mohawk, but rather split somewhere between the two, depending on personal preference.

Bahamians have caught on. There’s no stopping it now


The “Frohawk” has become the new go-to for players at all levels, and usually features a variation of colors and designs in order to make it unique to the individual.

I feel that it really took off after the 2014-15 Duke men’s team donned large, curly afros as a form of unity. Although it was different, and kind of cool, a lot of other players found the idea of giving up their fades and dealing with a full, blown-out afro to be a little much.

The entire Duke team was all in with the Frohawk

This is how the Frohawk was born. Because it allows players to enjoy the best of both worlds. They get to curl sponge the top of their heads to get the trademark “nappy fro” that every southern rapper has… (I’m black so I can say nappy without fear of persecution)… while allowing them to get that clean tapered look on the side that they’ve grown accustomed to.


While some have managed to pull off the hybrid hairstyle, others have crashed and burned, trying to do too much with something that’s actually fairly simply.

Linsanity is a marketing genius. “Just do too much all the time and something will stick”

Former Oklahoma Sooner Buddy Hield, sported the Frohawk most of the year, and really gave it some national attention during the Sooners NCAA tournament run last month.

Barbers around the United States and The Bahamas said they had a major influx of customers coming in asking for the “Buddy Hield” during the tournament, so much so, that a few even had to put up a sign with the cuts price and a picture of Hield, because they grew tired of customers coming in without the slightest clue about what they were getting.

Aside from Hield, scores of other collegiate and professional players now rock the hawk. At the moment, the most popular “Frohawk” belongs to New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

The pioneer of 21st century black bed hair

Whether or not the “Frohawk” will continue to flourish on courts and fields around the world past this season is unknown, but with the collegiate season done and the NBA season coming to a close, it’s fair to say that the “Frohawk” owned this year.