NFL Picks: Super Bowl XLIX


It all comes down to this.

One game to rule them all, one game to find them,

One game to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

If it sounds familiar, it shouldn’t. I totally made that up just now and I’ve never even heard of Lord of the Rings.

Regular Season

Renaldo: 151-104-1, .589

Sannie: 151-104-1, .589


Renaldo: 0-2 (6-4, .600)

Sannie: 1-1 (6-4, .600)

Super Bowl XLIX

New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks

From the moment Nate Solder caught that 16 yard touchdown pass in the AFC title game, I immediately got to work on my talking points. There’s only way to to approach this – like the most staunch of all bible thumping, conservative right wing Republicans. Facts be damned, you get your talking points and you go to war. 

Slim Charles said it best in one of my favourite quotes from The Wire

Seahawks, you’re the last line of defence against this evil…and you have to fight.

Marshawn vs. The Media

Who ya got?
Who ya got?

I mean, this situation has to make everyone 40 years old and under “irrationally gleeful” as my boy Taige put it. The media continues to ask questions, Marshawn keeps giving repetitive  one liners time after time. First it was “yea” then “I’m thankful” now “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” The NFL planned to fine Lynch $500,000 if he refused to participate in Super Bowl media day. I wonder if they’re happy now? To further troll the fourth estate, Lynch gave a personable fake press conference with Skittles just to show he has a lighter side. I hope he rushes for 6 touchdowns and is named MVP. I just want to see what he says to Goodell after the game.

Immediate reaction from Marshawn Lynch
Immediate reaction from Marshawn Lynch after Percy Harvin was traded. You have no choice but to love him.

Is Marshawn Lynch even the craziest running back in this game

For all the antics Marshawn Lynch does, do you know what he never did? He never punched out an opposing player after the game like LeGarrette Blount did back when he played for Chip Kelly at Oregon

Richard Sherman – I get it 

I understand him. Some people just feed off being the villain, and that’s fine. He came into the into the NFL unheralded, after two seasons called himself the best corner in the league and he’s done nothing but prove that. So he’s a bit over the top and expressive, I prefer my superstar athletes to have an air of authenticity.

How would you react if someone did this to you on national tv

Not to mention that he’s not even a quarter of the “thug” he was portrayed to be by the media following the Crabtree outburst.

This is a guy that grew up in a tough Compton neighbourhood to become an honours graduate at Stanford. If you’re not sold on Richard Sherman yet, go rematch his complete destruction of Skip Bayless on First Take. I’m sold on Richard Sherman.

Embrace Russell Wilson and the fact that a higher power just likes him more than most

If you weren’e convinced by that two yard Hail Mary to Luke Wilson….then I don’t know what will

SEAHAWKS over Pats

SANNIE: Ok, so the Pats get the nod from me for no real reason other than it just sounds better than the Seattle Seahawks. (I’m sure you could not have expected a deep answer if you read my picks all season). I can’t say  that I’m not happy this is all finally coming to an end, which means I can have my TV back and get my fill of  reality TV again.

However, there were lots of reality TV worthy moments in the NFL this season, but my favorite moments were literally in the past few weeks thanks to my new favorite NFL player – Marshawn Lynch. Man, why is he so funny? From the skittles press conference to “I’m only here so I won’t get fined” and my favorite “I’m thankful” this man has quickly grown to non NFL watchers like me not knowing who he is/was, to being our number one guy.

Even though Marshawn is that funny, I still cant choose the Seahawks…sorry. Why?  Because the deflated ball controversy intrigued me more than anything else this season. I didn’t understand, didn’t see what the problem is (in some aspects still don’t) but that didn’t stop all the news channels from talking about it  ad nauseam and the men on the FB timeline all chiming in with their opinion.  Every status was about “deflated balls” or “soft balls” and with my sophomoric sense of humour  I laughed every time.

Balls the Pats plan to use in Super Bowl XLIX
Balls the Pats plan to use in Super Bowl XLIX

I don’t care whether it was illegal or not or whether they should be disqualified, I thank the Patriots for igniting the “balls” conversation.  The potential $25,000 fine, was totally worth it.

PATS over Seahawks

One more time for good measure…..