Bahamas Bowl Meet and Greet

Western Kentucky University and Central Michigan football teams both arrived to the Bahamas today, in anticipation for the meeting in the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl.

CMU Head Coach Dan Enos know that this bowl is a reward and is enjoying the excitement that his players are showing. “I think our players are really excited. Just seeing their faces when we were walking into the resort, I know they’re really, really excited to be here. I know they just can’t wait to get started, can’t wait to start practice and can’t wait to enjoy this place.”

Enos wants his team to take care of business. “The big thing is that it’s a reward to go to a bowl game so just enjoy it. But when it’s time to work, we need to practice hard and make sure that we’re here to play a game and we want to play very well.”

WKU Head Coach Jeff knows the this Chippewas defense is going to be no slouch to play against “I think it’s a good match-up. I think they’ve done a tremendous job this year. They’re very well-coached. They’re a hard-nosed team, they play physical, they like to control the football, run the ball, they’re very good on defense – a top-ranked defense in the (MAC) conference. So, it’s a great match-up for our offense. It will be a huge test for us. So, it will be an interesting game. I think the team that plays the hardest and commits the fewest turnovers has the best chance to win.”